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Take a minute to consider how many male musicians there are in SA. Compare that to how many females are doing their thing in the local music industry. I think the point I’m trying to prove is pretty clear. So when three girls rock in Afrikaans, it is a pretty brave move and consequently a pretty big deal. I’m not saying that every female in the industry should be praised just for the sake of being female – of course they still need to prove themselves just like their male counterparts.

The all-girl group, SAARKIE, has come a long way since competing in the

Rockspaaider high school competition, so that in itself is a victory. Their third full-

length album titled ‘Reisiger’ is already making waves after its release a few

months ago and we decided to give it a thorough spin.

From the first song, it is clear that there’s a different atmosphere being created

by SAARKIE on this album compared to their previous releases. One

immediately senses a mellower mood soaring through the songs. Fans from

early days can rest assured that SAARKIE hasn’t completely lost their rock roots,

but it seems like they’ve made a definite decision to tone it down in order to

reach a much wider audience. Yes, some fans might be upset that the songs are

more commercial than some of their earlier work, but everybody needs to eat,

right? Adèle Fouché (lead vocals, guitar and harmonica), Lila Botha (drums) and

Lourene Mostert (bass and keyboard) are avid musicians, so I am glad that their

new music can potentially span much wider.

The songs’ themes and styles hop from one side of the spectrum to the other but is tied together effortlessly. The first single, ‘Dullstroom’, is a folky, upbeat tune with a strong

proudly South African element, which can also be heard on ‘Afrika Land’ and

‘Vroue van Afrika’. Melodic tracks like ‘Kamers Van My Hart’ and ‘Somerjare’

show a softer, feminine side to the group. They move just as comfortably to the

reggae genre on ‘One Love’ and to blues rock on ‘Free Falling’. The SAARKIE

we’ve come to love from the early years is most evident on ‘Chuck Norris’, a sexy

rock track where Adèle isn’t shy to belt out her vocals and play the harmonica

with unparalelled passion.

The group decided to include their rendition of Ryno Velvet’s ‘Ai My Lam’ on this

album. A cover always has the potential to go terribly wrong, but SAARKIE’s

version takes on a completely different feel, without losing the essence of what

makes the song special. On ‘Nader Aan My’ they teamed up with Jan Blohm,

whose voice merges beautifully with Adèle’s to create a bit of hidden magic on the album.

‘Reisiger’ is an album filled with nostalgia, memories, adventures and

dreams. SAARKIE’s sound has matured well and both the devoted and the new

fan will be able to identify and sing along to these thirteen well written and

composed songs.

It might not be a man’s world after all…

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