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The long awaited album from Jeremy Loops has finally dropped and has received an overwhelmingly positive response. The 12 track disc serves as a well rounded compliment to Jeremy's booming carreer as a folk phenomenon.

Existing Loops fans will recognise most of the tracks as they have been adapted from his debut EP, with the addition of his most popular live hits. All of the adaptations have been masterfully produced and this adds new layers to his music that have never been heard before. With the added flavour the new album boasts with, you unfortunately miss the earthy independant feel that Loops once brought to the table. Listeners are much more exposed to Jeremy's vocal abilities and his craft as a looping artist takes a back seat. But what the music has lost in soul it has gained in quality and he is able to churn out hit after hit from the album.

What has to be my favorite track is the always popular Lonesome & Blue that features the yet unknown talent of Adelle Nqto. Loops has tracked down SA's very own Florance Welsh and masterfully incorporated her in a very toned down version of the song. Trading Change spent many months in production and the wait has payed off.

This album has given Jeremy Loops the wings he needed to fly further than anyone would ever have imagined and it will secure his place in music, both locally and internationally, for a very long time to come.

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