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Chris Chameleon has kept his fans anxiously waiting 8 years before rewarding them with the gem that is “Firmament”. His latest solo offering sees Chameleon exploring a variety of sounds to deliver one clear message: he is making music for no one other than himself. In 12 tracks listeners get to explore the complexity of his vocal range and a large variety of musical influences.

Track one, “High”, eases the listener into this intricate body of work. An easy listening folky track with some simple brushes and mid range vocals. With the repetitive rhythms he builds up suspense, because let’s be honest, it’s a Chris Chameleon album and you KNOW something is coming…

And by track two it has arrived! Robust vocals and exhilarating rhythms are introduced by track two and have you hooked. This continues with the introduction of a variety of instruments combined with electric tempos. "Hurt" is one of my favorites from the album. It shines light on the pressures to change who you are to fit a certain mold preconceived by society. He also lovingly dedicates the video to the victims of the Orlando Massacre that saw many killed because of their sexual orientation.

By track 6 I actually expected more tracks that I would love to put on repeat, but, there was 6 more to come… And by track 9 I found THE ONE! “Victim Eyes” is loud, raw and primal. The distorted bass vibrates through every nerve in your system and his vibrant chanting resonates far and wide. Good thing it is followed by a much less complicated track (The Wait) because few could handle 2 bursts of energy like that back to back.

The album winds down with 2 significant tracks. “For friends departed” is a somber ode that sends chills down your spine. Chris recites his verse in a ghostly manor with simple bass lines driving the song forward. “Starburst” concludes this roller-coaster album with a triumphant exploration of life and it’s meaning.

“All that’s left is us in the end”.

The album builds from an enthusiastic starting point exploring love, life and laughter and grows to a pinnacle. It then comes crashing down again, looking at “the end” and questioning existential views.

To make sense of the artist that is Chris Chameleon people normally relate to either “shock-rock-entertainer-Chris” or “7e Laan acting- clean cut-poetry genius-Chris”. This album shows that there is no way to define such genius. “Firmament” includes listeners from all sides of the music spectrum. It is simple enough to be enjoyed as everyday listening yet possesses elements that flings it into the category of “art”.

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