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With only two full length albums and one live album under his own name, it is always astonishing to see the immense following Albert Frost has garnered. Astonishing, not surprising. His third studio album has arrived and this following is about to grow, tenfold.

The Wake Up launches Albert out of the stagnant realms of blues guitaring and expands his horizons to reach a wider audience with more relatable music, yet still provide quality entertainment. The album is an audiophile's dream with quality production. Song construction is thoroughly thought through to deliver an appealing variety of melodies.

Apart from Modern Romance and Home No More the album is very subtle and toned down. Songs focus and establishing Frost as a vocalist and songwriter. By now he has made his mark as world class guitarist so it is refreshing that guitar solos take a bit of a back seat. His electric and acoustic elements live together in perfect harmony and ensure a tranquil listening experience. Not one element on the album is ever fighting for attention, everything receives equal attention. Solid percussion, clean vocals and varied guitar playing.

The standout track for me has to be Modern Romance. The song was co-written by non other than Hunter Kennedy and explores the turmoils of romance in the technology age.

Albert Frost has done the rock community a giant favour by warming the non-believers up to the idea of easy listening music with superior musicality. This album will stand the test of time and certainly changes the future for this first-rate music maker.

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