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The arrival of Netflix in South Africa has created major buzz but many are critical over the limited choice of films we have.

But I have found 5 superb music documentaries to enjoy the next time you feel like not getting out of bed…

1. Austin to Boston

a Modern day take on the Festival Express. It features 25 musicians in 5 Volkswagen Kombis traveling “zigzag across America” to explore themselves, their country and their music. It is refreshing to see a side of the American music industry that is not all gilts and glamour. The whole story comes straight from the heart and shows how these artists develop their passion and craft each day. Ben Howard who recently sold out around South Africa appears as one of the artists on this 10-show journey.

2. Keith Richards: Under the Influence

You would think that after more than 50 years in the limelight there won’t be much you don’t know about Keith Richards. Yet this documentary portrays a much more tender and vulnerable side of the legend. Keith heads back into the studio for a solo album and viewers are granted access into the world of Keith Richards, the artist, the thinker and the creative mind, not the rock star.

3. The Wrecking Crew

I have a particular fondness for all things 60s so this film hit home for me. Tommy Tedesco was one of the most recognized session musicians in 1960s Los Angeles, working with everyone from Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra to The Beach Boys and Cher. He formed part of The Wrecking Crew, a group of outstanding musicians that formed the backbone of nearly every major album of that time. Yet no one knew their names. This is their story.

4. This was Tomorrow

It doesn’t matter what kind of music you are into, we have all seen the Tomorrowland aftermovie and secretly done the math to see how many organs you need to sell to go. This hour long promo doccie from the Tomorrowland team does it once more. It features interviews with artists and fans and takes you on their spiritual journey through this weekend of energy, love and nothing but dancing!

5. What Happened Miss Simone?

A biographical documentary about the iconic Nina Simone and her tumultuous life. Fans get an in depth look into the life and times of a jazz giant with never before heard songs and interviews with the woman that would be known as one of the first black classical pianists in America. The film digs deep and opens some wounds to produce a well rounded view on the daemons that chased her.

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