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The countdown begins. We have eight weeks to go to until one of the most anticipated South African music releases of 2015. Francois van Coke will release his debut solo album in the beginning of April. “I think it’s definitely different from Van Coke Kartel and Fokofpolisiekar. I wanted to do something that is true to myself, very personal and not be restricted to a certain style of music.” Francois van Coke Francois teamed-up with old and new friends to bring this album into being. They are Jedd Kossew, Karen Zoid, Laudo Liebenberg, Hunter Kennedy and Arno Carstens. The album will be released by Supra Familias and will be launched at KKNK in Oudtshoorn, followed by a national tour.

His first single, Moontlik Nooit, will be released from his website as a free download on February 20th. Francois teamed up with Permanent Record to release a limited edition 7” vinyl with this single and an exclusive B-Side that will be released on the same day. Side A The single, Moontlik Nooit, shows Francois' growth and maturity as a writer and musician. This song further cements his place as the leader of the South African rock 'n roll royal family. Lyrics from Moontlik Nooit “Is daar enigiets vir ons oor? Tyd raak min en ek weet Ek gaan moontlik nooit die antwoord hê nie.” Translation: “Is there anything left for us? Time is running out and I know I may possibly never have the answer.” Side B The B-side of the single is a vinyl exclusive acoustic track called Skree. The acoustic version of the Skree was specifically recorded for the 7" vinyl and will be found on this release only.

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